The cycle of poverty can end if given opportunity to succeed

Every time we invest in a child's education we invest in their future as well. Do you love unlimited?

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Love Unlimited was founded in 2011. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on supplying poor and needy children in Jamaica from Pre-K – 5th grade with school supplies for their upcoming school year. We are helping enrich the lives of underprivileged youth in Jamaica so they become successful educated leaders who end the cycle of poverty and preserve the world with love.


Since 2012, our free annual LOVE U Camp in Brown's Town, St. Ann, Jamaica provides arts and crafts, bible lessons, sports activities and inspiration for the youth. On the last day of camp we distribute school supplies to all our campers and textbook scholarships to our 4.0 GPA campers. We strive to motivate, inspire and teach the youth that with an education, hardwork, a positive mindset and most importantly putting God first, you can be successful. 


  1. In 2011, 52% of all unemployed people in Jamaica had no formal educational qualification. 
  2. In 2011, youth ages 15-24 makeup 19.5% of those living in poverty
  3. In 2015, it was noted in the Jamaica Observer that over 2,000 students between grades 8 and 10 drop out of highschool each year.
  4. Minimum wage is $50 USD per week in Jamaica.


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About LOVE U Camp



Our mission is to create successful educated leaders who end the cycle of poverty and preserve the world with love. Through our week long camp the youth are inspired through bible verses and a camp theme which promotes self love. We believe in an unlimited philosophy of life. No child should have mental limitations because of their economic status. If all children are mentally empowered along with a hand to help them succeed academically, we could end the cycle of poverty. 



When children in underdeveloped countries succeed academically it is a great achievement. Our Dillon Mott Scholars are youth who receive a 4.0. GPA in their spring term at school. Many of these children do not have a computer at home. They walk to school and sit in a class with no AC and still work hard in their subjects. At our first camp in 2012 we had 9 scholars. In 2017 we awarded 51 campers with their scholars achievement. Each scholar is given a textbook scholarship to help provide them with textbooks for the following year. Textbooks are not free in Jamaica. This award is named after the founders' grandfather, Mr. Dilllon Mott, who was a community teacher in Orange Hill, Brown's Town, St. Ann, Jamaica.



Every year at camp all the campers of the five age groups perform their group song. They also are given an opportunity to perform an individual talent through poetry, song, dance or drama. We believe in giving the youth a time to share what they love unlimited. 
















  • Crayola Crayons 24 PK
  • 2 Pencils 12 PK
  • 2-3 Composition Books
  • Glue Stick
  • 40z. School Glue 
  • Washable Markers 10 PK 
  • Pink Eraser 
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Colored Pencils 12 PK
  • 5" Blunt Tip Scissors
  • 2 Two Pocket Paper Folders
  • WR Filler Paper 100 CT


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Our 8th annual camp will be in honor of our founder's daughter, Caveri Marley. Caveri was a light that will be in our hearts forever. Her warm spirit and infectious smile made every camp special. 


Every year we implement a theme to motivate the youth to have great character. This year we will focus on VICTORY and how we have won the race of life already because we have life in Christ. 


Please follow our social networks for exact dates and times for camp registration. It will be the week before camp begins at Brown's Town Model Basic School in Brown's Town, St. Ann. LOVE U Camp is a free event to the community and registration is first come first serve. We have 40 spots available in each of our five age groups and 25 spots for our Jr. Love Team. Our past Dillon Mott Scholars who are now in high school are given first choice to be a Jr. Love Team volunteer. 

Our impact in Jamaica



  • Provided 150 school supply kits
  • Provided 150 backpacks
  • 9 Dillon Mott Scholars
  • Provided a celebration lunch and ice cream to 150 campers and 20 volunteers
  • Provided 200 children with Christmas gifts



  • Provided 220 school supply kits 
  • Provided 200 backpacks
  • 30 Dillon Mott Scholars
  • Provided 200 children with Christmas gifts



  • Provided 210 school supply kits
  • Provided 210 backpacks
  • 25 Dillon Mott Scholars
  • Provided 30 extra backpacks and school supply kits to children in Linton Park, St. Ann, Jamaica



  • Provided 230 school supply kits
  • Provided 45 backpacks
  • Provided $185,000 JMD in textbook scolarships to 31 scholars
  • Donated $30,000 JMD to the Brown's Town Model Basic School to help build a bathroom with two toilets in the downstairs classroom. 
  • Provided 8 scholars at Nine Turns Methodist Basic School in Clarendon with backpacks and school supply kits



  • Provided 235 school supply kits
  • Provided 50 backpacks
  • Provided $180,000 JMD in textbook scholarships
  • 32 Dillon Mott Scholars
  • Donated $40,000 JMD to the Brown's Town Model Basic School to upgrade the upstairs classroom floor from wood to concrete
  • Held a 5 year anniversary dinner and award ceremony for our 30 Love Team volunteers, Jr. Love Team and parents of campers at St. Mark's Anglican Church Hall, Brown's Town, St. Ann
  • Provided 302 Christmas gifts to children at Free Town Church of God of Prophecy Outreach Foundation, in Clarendon, Jamaica



  • Provided 240 school supply kits
  • Provided 80 backpacks
  • Provided $212,000 JMD in textbook scholarships
  • 51 Dillon Mott Scholars
  • Donated $53,000 JMD to the Brown's Town Model Basic School to complete roof repairs to the downstairs classrooms.

love team

Teana T. Woolcock - Founder/CEO/LOVE U Camp Director


Originally born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Teana was exposed to giving back and volunteering through various mission trips internationally throughout her teens. She also had the privilege of teaching vacation bible school during the summertime when she was in high school. At the age of 7 she took her first plane ride by herself to St. Ann, Jamaica to spend the summer with her grandfather. Thereafter, she spent many summers in Jamaica learning her culture, the dialect, the way of life and most notably the importance of God. It was these trips that shaped her love for giving back. Teana graduated on the Dean’s List from Florida Southern College with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. She moved to Miami in 2007. She is a mother who proudly embraces her background as her parents and grandparents are Jamaican. Her summer vacation trip to Jamaica in 2011 touched her heart in a different way when she saw the need for help with obtaining an education and when she returned, Love Unlimited was founded. In her free time she loves to dance, listen to music and perfect the art of taking pictures.

Teana’s heart on Love Unlimited 

 “I am grateful to have founded and be a part of an organization that is improving the lives of children through generosity. Education is the key to any door and is the foundation of any goal. To develop a love for learning in young children is to instill hope in our world. There is no greater love than to be able to share love! Our footsteps determine our world and establishing this organization allows our hearts and yours to change lives and change the cycle of poverty.”

Danelle Tyler- Board of Directors


A native of Los Angeles, CA, Danelle graduated from Cal State University Dominguez Hills with a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Before joining Love Unlimited in 2011, she had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico, Samoa and Jamaica as a missionary to serve and seed young hearts and minds with love, knowledge and confidence for the future. Danelle is a wife, mother, business woman and a missionary at heart through her daily actions. In her free time you can catch her devouring books; and learning about different people in different parts of the world.

Danelle’s heart on Love Unlimited 

 “My decision to get involved with Love Unlimited was easy… I’m a mom, I’ve been to Jamaica and I was overwhelmed by the unity, love and oneness that symbolize the island. For this reason, helping children in Jamaica grow into brilliant citizens of the world was natural.”

Sally Mott- Board of Directors


A native of St. Ann, Jamaica, Sally has a great background in education as her father, Dillon Mott, was a teacher. She attended York Castle High School in Brown’s Town, St. Ann before moving to Los Angeles, CA in her teens. She studied Accounting at Santa Monica College and has prevailed in this field for over 20 years. She has a broad background in the arts as she has been in several Caribbean pageants and won titles as well as marching in the 1984 Olympics. She is a mother who empowers all children to strive for success. In 2008 she moved to Miami to be closer to her grandchildren and her homeland. She continues her love for children as part of the Love Unlimited Team. When not being a wonderful motivator you can catch her listening to reggae music, enjoying a soccer game or spending time with her children.  

Sally’s heart on Love Unlimited  

“Children are the foundation of our future and it is important for them to be equipped with proper tools for learning both academically and morally. I feel Love Unlimited is a charity that will pave the way for the children to achieve their full potential. The love that they will experience through this foundation will encourage them to be strong and confident individuals.”

Deborah Sherwood-LOVE U Camp Asst. Director/Secretary-Love Unlimited Foundation Inc., Jamaica Branch


Deserted by her mother as a toddler, Debbie was placed in a place of safety. This was how she came to be raised by her grandmother, Ms. Ivy Mott. "Mama" as she was affectionately called was the apple of her eyes. She would take Debbie to Zion Church on Sundays. As time went by Debbie got to understand the real meaning of God and love, and realized that loving meant sharing. You cannot love without sharing. Her grandmother taught her love, moral standards, values and attitudes. She lives by her example. She was LOVE! Debbie is a past student of the Orange Hill Basic School, Brown’s Town Primary, The Westwood High, Brown’s Town Community College, St. Monica’s Commercial College, Runaway Bay H.E.A.R.T. Trust NTA and Divine Nursing College.  As a child she can remember being taught to share. Even when she was having meals she would divide it into two portions. One for her and the other for Jesus. She has always felt the need to share.  During primary school she would share her lunch with friends who were less fortunate.  It was in high school that this great desire to do more came. She would give her lunch money every day to a little boy who she met on the road to school. He was begging lunch money on the road every morning. She did not like to see him begging so she told him that she would give him lunch money if he stops begging and he did. Since then she has been giving not just in kind but in deed as well. She gives out of nothing. The little you do means so much in someone’s heart. It hurts her to see people who are in a position to help someone close their hearts of compassion. In her free time she loves to dance and sing with her six children and enjoy a good ice cream.

Debbie's heart on Love Unlimited 

" When Love Unlimited began and I was asked to be a volunteer, there was no second thought.  A born leader, I immediately took charge. Anything to help shape the lives of children, I am on board. Whatever task I am given I go the extra mile. Being a mother I am always a teacher! I am BIG on EDUCATION!! I teach academics, life lessons, life skills, moral standards and values. By my example my children have followed, giving back to society as well. For the world to change, you have to be the change! Change the mindset of these children. Empower them! Go make a difference and touch someone’s heart! Encourage their minds and motivate them! It can be achieved! Don’t forget to love them unlimited as GOD is LOVE!!! "

Larry Tyler- Board Member


A graduate of Cal State University Long Beach, with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Larry is a Californian through and through. With 20 plus years in Business Management Larry considers Jamaica his second home. While fleshing out business deals Larry  keeps Reggae music in the background to help him create the best possible deals for his clients. He has been to Jamaica several times and has seen the beauty of the islands people and also the need for the youth to be given opportunities to succeed. In his meantime you can find him spending time with his two beautiful daughters. 

Larry's heart on Love Unlimited 

“ I believe in mentoring young minds and showing as well as encouraging them that anything is possible regardless of race or location.”

love team jamaica

LOVE U Camp Volunteers


Our 25 strong, confident and intelligent Love Team volunteers are made of women who are mothers, grandmothers, aunts and teachers. They all want to see the youth in their community and in all of Jamaica reach their full potential and be successful. Many have been with us since we began in 2012. Some have children who attend LOVE U Camp and many have children at camp who are or were Dillon Mott Scholars. These women are to be applauded for giving up their time every summer to ensure that the youth have a week full of love and fun. They are world changers.

Jr. love team



The Jr. Love Team began in 2016 after past campers who were over the age limit still wanted to be apart of camp. We decided to give past Dillon Mott Scholars and past campers who exemplified great character an opportunity to give back to their community.



Many of our Jr. Love Team volunteers are in high school and can attain community service hours through their volunteer efforts at camp. We love having a group of teenagers who were once campers now helping. It is truly love coming full cirlce. These volunteers also receive school supply kits for their upcoming school year.


The Jr. Love Team is paired with each of the 5 groups at camp. They help prepare daily arts and crafts, organize sports activites and prepare snack time. They also have an opportunity to create their own crafts just as the campers do each day. Every morning before camp begins they setup the camp site and every afternoon they clean up the classrooms and sports area. In 2017 we created a futbol match day for the Jr. Love Team boys after camp. These youths have  made LOVE U Camp more successful through their helping hand. 

OUR manifesto





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Love Unlimited is interested in partnering with organizations and companies that have a commitment to strengthening the success of youth through education. We are requesting your support to help less fortunate youth who are underpivileged. We are a strong and unified world when all children can afford an education and end the cycle of poverty. Please email us at to obtain sponsorship or Gift In Kind forms to help our mission today.

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